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The largest and most comprehensive range of Possum and Merino wool blend jerseys and fashion knitwear in New Zealand.

We are very proud to say all our products are made in New Zealand.

All garments are made in New Zealand and sent directly from New Zealand. Prices are in NZ Dollars (excluding GST)

Possum & Merino Benefits

  • Possum fur is beautiful and soft to the touch and is the ultimate in luxury when used to create fashion wear garments.
  • Possum and Merino is a luxurious and unique New Zealand yarn made from the blending of two of our natural finest fibres – Possum fur and superfine Merino wool. Each possum fibre is hollow and thus gives excellent insulation whilst ensuring that the garments are light and very soft. Possum fur has many health attributes also – holding its warmth and therefore assisting in blood flow. (Has assisted many diabetics with keeping the warmth in to aid blood flow). As well as being incredible soft and warm the yarn is strong and durable. With its superior anti-piling qualities it wears better than cashmere or mohair.
  • Originally introduced from Australia in the mid 1800’s, the possums in New Zealand eat many tonnes of our forests and natural habitation each night. Therefore our conservation groups encourage the commercial use of possum fur fibre to help eradicate this pest and as such play an important role in the protection of New Zealand’s native fauna, flora and wildlife. By buying our products you too are helping save New Zealand’s natural habitat.

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